• 3dRudder for Playstation VR

    3dRudder for Playstation VR

    Full, intuitive and precise motion control in PlayStation VR games, hands free of motion to focus on the action
    US$ 119.00
  • Ground Gripper for 3dRudder

    3dRudder Ground Gripper

    Maximize your experience with the Ground Gripper: the ultimate stabilizer for the 3dRudder. Compatible with the 3dRudder for PS4/PSVR.
    US$ 39.90
  • 3dRudder Black Edition

    3dRudder Black Edition bundle for PC & VR

    The Black Edition is a special bundle including a 3dRudder for PC & VR + foot bars + black pads
    US$ 119.90
  • 3dRudder for PC & VR

    3dRudder for PC & VR

    The foot motion controller for VR games on PC, standard games, and the XBox Adaptive Controller

    US$ 99.00

  • 3dRudder Foot Mouse

    3dRudder Foot Mouse

    The intuitive, easy and complete 3dRudder Foot Mouse provides you with all the functionalities of a hand mouse, at the feet.
    US$ 114.00
  • One-Foot System for PC

    One-Foot System for PC

    The 3dRudder One-Foot system lets stroke survivors, wounded warriors or injured people get back into PC gaming by enabling them to play with the valid side of their body.
    US$ 179.00
  • One-Foot Holder

    One-Foot Holder

    Accessibility / Stroke recovery: The One-Foot Holder centers your foot on and sticks it to the 3dRudder for an optimal one-foot experience.
    US$ 99.00
  • 3dRudder foot bars showed installed

    3dRudder Foot Bars

    The foot bars are a must-have accessory for gamers
    US$ 19.90
  • 3dRudder Black Pads

    3dRudder Black Pads

    Customize your 3dRudder with the black pads for an all black look.
    US$ 14.90
  • Light pink pads

    3dRudder Light Pink Pads

    Customize your 3dRudder with the light pink pads for an exclusive look.
    US$ 19.90